Video and Podcast Storytelling

Robert's Story

Robert Rose is a lifelong journal keeper and published author. His most recent article, "Synergize the Power Within You," from the January/February 2018 issue of Unity Magazine, details his writing experience through cancer and insights he has gained through the journaling process. Robert was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer and he shares in a Video Podcast how his experience of journaling shifted after his cancer diagnosis. Robert also shares an except from his article.

Below you will also find a timeline detailing Robert's treatment from diagnosis through the present.

Teriz's Story

Teriz is a Fine Artist and Art Educator who was diagnosed with HER2 Positive Stage 2/3 breast cancer. Teriz offers her insights into the healing nature of art creation, as well as expressing how her art process changed after her diagnosis.

More information about Teriz and her art can be found on her website.